Former Idaho Senate Candidate, Melissa Sue Robinson, presents a ten step plan in 2014 to save America.

Melissa states what we can do in the ten step plan below:

2014 is coming up and it’s time for Americans to walk the walk. By that I mean a ten step plan to change our society for good. Here’s the plan:
1. Buy American only and stop doing business with any corporation or business that ships jobs over our borders. This will get our people back to work.
2. Offer a free higher education to any American than achieves a 2.50 GPA and wishes to go to college or trade school. Take the profit out of our colleges and Universities.
3. Get rid of political term limits and fund everyone’s campaign equally i.e. Americans fund campaigns through their 1040s. Make it illegal for any business, corporation, or special groups of any kind to give candidates contributions. That gives free elections back to the people.
4. Americans demand that our military get out of any foreign countries and stop our involvement in any existing or future wars while still maintaining a strong military for defence. Assist other countries when we can with anything peaceful that will help the world as a whole, but recognize their right to be a country.
5. Start helping your neighbors and friends in the quest for a good, peaceful life, and volunteer for anything that will make the world a better place.
6. Bring patriotism back by teaching our children that its a good proud, thing to be an American.
7. Make it illegal to air violent shows on tv or in the movies, and illegal to manufacture violent video games
8. Only incarcerate a person that breaks the ten commandments located in the Christian Bible, and take away corporate control from our prisons and jails, thus taking the profit out of imprisonment.
9. Start paying our workers enough so that one parent can stay home to raise our children in order to instill morals and teach their children how to succeed in life.
10. Get rid of the patriot act and xray machines at our airports.
Americans it has to be the middle class to institute these changes in 2013. If the wealthy and corporations don’t want to go along with this they can get out of our country. If you institute my suggestions we’ll bring happiness back to America, and we’ll become the true leaders of the free world. When other countries see what we have accomplished they’ll follow suite.


About melisrob1

I am a photographer and a full time credit management representative at Century Link Inc. a broadband and telecom company. I am originally from Michigan, moved to Seattle in 2007, then was transfered to Boise, ID. in 2009. I have 25 years experience in the residential remodeling sales field, owned Design Masters Construction for 10 years, then went to the telecom field in 2004, first with SBC Communications in Michigan, then after a few years I went to work for Qwest Communications (now Century Link). My total telecom/broadband experience is nine years. I eventually will retire and work as a full time photographer (my passion). In 1991 I pursued a BA from Michigan State University and acheived it in December of 1994. I also have ran for several political offices in Michigan and Idaho from 2001 to 2010. My last run for office was for Idaho State Representative. I was the 2010 Democratic Candidate for District 12 B.
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